The 7th Plane

I, the greatest adventurer of this era, now in the twilight of my life, have taken it upon myself to compile this collection of information on creatures I have encountered during my journeys throughout Tu'lar. I was born the 1st day of Sumara, in the year 598 AY, so I have seen many things in my long life, and still my soul thirsts for more adventures. Adventuring is not a life for the lighthearted or those fearful of combat, though. Many parts of our world are fraught with peril, and as I have learned, the best way to survive is to know everything about the creatures you may face. Heed my advice found herein, and learn well, lest your days come to an end even before those of this old man.

- Solamaeus, Greatest Adventurer of Tu'lar

  1. Dracyil
  2. Dralik
  3. Earth Golems
  4. Elementals
  5. Fish
  6. Ghosts
  7. Gnomes
  8. Jellyfish
  9. King Crabs
  10. Lampryi
  11. Lavalings
  12. Phantasms
  13. Roots
  14. Roses
  15. Sandlion
  16. Skeletals
  17. Spectres
  18. Spidres
  19. Starfish
  20. Tseraks
  21. Wendigo
  22. Werewolves