The 7th Plane


Monks are the ultimate masters of hand to hand fighting. They spend their entire lives honing their skills as warriors. However, in doing so they also attain certain levels of enlightenment, which allow them to perform extraordinary feats. Since they fight without the aid of any weapons, Monks quickly learn to parry a great number of attacks as a defensive measure. They are very formidable in direct melee combat, and can adapt to almost any situation. * Monktalk - A special channel which allows communication between Monks * Dojo - Shows information on other Monks logged in * Techniques - The combat attacks which Monks learn * Fightstyle - The settings which determine how Monks fight while unarmed * Combos - Combination attacks which can be executed by a certain sequence of techniques * Chi - Allows access to spiritual powers gained through meditation * Blocks - Allows access to special blocking techniques For more information, type: 'help info_monk', 'help progression_monk' and 'help priests'.