The 7th Plane


Werewolves are the shapeshifters of the world - constantly changing size and form as it suits their purpose. They are able to harness their inner rage and focus it into a fierce fighting strength that even surpasses their already immensely powerful strikes. They are also blessed with regenerative capabilities unrivaled by most creatures. A severe lack of intelligence limits them in effectively learning new skills, though. However, despite being likened to dumb brutes, the Werewolves are deeply spiritual creatures, able to harness spiritual energy to accomplish miraculous feats and amazing displays of power. * Howl - A special channel that only werewolves can understand. * Tribe - Shows information on other werewolves logged on. * Weregifts - Shows a list of all the gifts you have available. * Claws - Natural claws that can be extended, retracted and modified. * Rage - Helps you to focus your rage. This can be a good and a bad thing. * Shift - Allows you to change forms. Each form has different strengths and weaknesses. * Umbra - A plane of existence frequented by animal spirits and Garou ancestors. * Caern - Special protected tribal meeting areas, built on locations where the gauntlet is weak. * Gnosis - Spiritual energy required to traverse planes and use gifts. * Klaive - A ceremonial shortsword, which can be forged and blessed. For more information, type: 'help gifts', 'help auspice', 'help info_werewolf', 'help WWage', 'help progression_werewolf' and 'help tips_werewolf'.