The 7th Plane


The Magi are those mortals who have been blessed with great intellect and a deep understanding of the laws of physical reality, allowing them to harness magic and sheer willpower to bend the universe to their whims. They are notorious for their spell-casting abilities, with equal prowess in creation and destruction. All Magi must begin their journey as Apprentices, acquiring new knowledge and power through rigorous study and practice. It is a long and difficult path, but ultimately worth all the sacrifice. Truly great masters of magic neither hesitate to stop any opponent, however unstoppable, nor to move any obstacle, however immovable. * Magetalk - A special channel which allows communication between Magi * Realm - Shows information on other fellow practitioners of magic * Cast - Allows the Magi to perform any spell learned from a book * Combine - Allows for the combination of powerful magical symbols * Chant - Allows spells to be performed via the spoken word * Focus - Uses mana to manipulate concentration, trance and paradox * Concentration - Represents how much the Mage is concentrating on a spell * Trance - A state where mana is easily conducted through the body * Paradox - The margin by which laws of reality are being violated * Knowledge - Lists all magical symbols currently known to the Mage For more information, type: 'help cast_spells', 'help progression_mage', 'help warlocks', 'help combine_magic', 'help mage_circles', 'help chant', 'help study' and 'help info_mage'.