The 7th Plane





It is well known that the Lavalings were once Fire Elementals, drawn to the near bottomless magma pools found deep within the caverns, just past the Spidre colony. The flowing liquid fire must have seemed like an ideal environment for those Elementals, but the evil eminating from the mysterious dark vortex formed nearby seems to have corrupted them. They are no longer neutral entities, embodying a primitive force of nature, as they once were. While it is still not in them to attack unprovoked, they now seem more purpose driven, intent on destroying any who choose to attack them. Why those unfortunate Fire Elementals ever wandered away from their home in Elemental Canyon, I do not know. Perhaps some darker influence was at work in drawing them so far underground. If that is the case, then their true purpose may not have been revealed yet. The only good advice I have to give is not to underestimate the Lavalings, and if you value your life, avoid large groups of them at all costs.